Resin & Aggregate Blends


Here at The One Stop Resin Shop we offer a vast range of Kiln Dried Aggregates and BBA Approved Resins for the Resin Bound Industry, supplying to contractors across the South of the UK. All of our blends have been carefully produced to not only look great but are also optimised for superior strength. We offer 20 beautiful blends in our Traditional Range and 15 Stylish blends in our Contemporary Range, all presented in our exclusive Sample cases.

As all of our samples are made in house at The One Stop Resin Shop so if you require another blend you may have seen somewhere before we can match it and send it out to you free of charge.

If you want to get promoting your resin bound samples immediately but don’t want the outlay of a sample case then we can send you out one of our unique sample tubes absolutely free of charge, just call us on 01722 421028 to discuss this.

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Your NO.1 resin bound stone supplier - All our resins are BBA approved

Your NO.1 resin bound stone supplier  - All our resins are [strong]BBA approved[/strong]


We use the finest selection of decorative aggregate granules and sands in both our Traditional and Contemporary range for resin bound surfacing systems. This dried range of natural aggregates offers an extensive selection of colours and sizes which are combined with resin for Commercial or Domestic projects. All of our products are naturally sourced from the UK and Europe meaning we only use the finest quality aggregates in ALL of our blends.

Please see below the Kiln Dried Aggregates we use, which when combined make up our Traditional and Contemporary range


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  • Ocean Grey 2-5mm & 1-3mm

  • Black 2-5mm & 1-3mm

  • Marble Beige 2-5mm

  • Winter Quartz 2-5mm & 1-3mm

  • Staff Pink 2-5mm

  • Red Granite 2-5mm & 1-3mm

  • Silver Blue 2-5mm & 1-3mm

  • Green 2-5mm & 1-3mm

  • Dorset Gold 2-5mm

  • Autumn Quartz 2-5mm & 1-3mm

  • Brittany Bronze 2-5mm & 1-3mm

  • Rhine Gold 2-5mm

  • C52# Sand 02 – 04mm