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We are literally a one stop shop for the resin bound industry, supplying all the materials and tools for installing resin bound stone. We pride ourselves on sourcing the very best materials in the market place. We also offer in-depth training courses with on going technical support for £199.99 + VAT

More and more customers are asking for resin bound stone to be part of their projects due to its seamless, gravel look but without all those loose stones. Here at our shop we sell the most robust, unique and smartest sample case on the market at £169.99 + VAT. This has 20 popular colours from our Range, all labelled up for you, so you can get promoting immediately. We also offer a mix and match range so you can customise your own case if you wish to.

The resin bound stone paving system is rapidly becoming an integral part of the landscaping/building structure. So you should be able to offer the resin bound paving system as part of your services! Don’t get left behind and book a training course today!



Resin bound stone is porous unique paving system which consists of kiln dried natural aggregate combined with a UV stable aliphatic 2 part polyurethane resin.

Resin bound stone has many advantages such as it is extremely hard wearing, suds compliant, porous, water does not puddle, anti slip, easy to maintain and extremely attractive. If you wish for a natural gravel look without all those loose stones combined with a beautiful seamless finish then resin bound stone is the answer. Whether it’s a contemporary or a rustic look you want to achieve then this is all possible with the right colour choice.

We also sell all the profiles so you can offer patterns, shapes or even logos into your design.

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We are literally the One Stop Shop for the resin bound trade!

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Situated in the heart of the beautiful Cathedral City of Salisbury we are literally a One Stop Shop for the Resin Bound and Bonded Industry. Offering everything you will need for your resin bound or bonded installation. We pride ourselves on sourcing the very best daltex kiln dried aggregates along with our highest quality UVR plus resin to which is the very best on the market to date

The resin bound stone system is rapidly becoming an integral part of the landscaping / building structure. If you are a newcomer to the resin bound Industry we offer an in depth training course which consists of a day with theory and practical here at the shops location which is then accompanied by a member of our team joining you on your first install ensuring your first install goes smoothly.

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