Resin & Aggregate Blends

Sample Cases


We here at The One Stop Resin Shop want you to get promoting your products in style and win over your competitors, that’s why we offer our beautiful sample case at a discounted rate on your first order placed with us! If  you would like some individual samples sent to you this is also possible.


Each of our mixes spreads approx. 3.5m2 using a depth of 18/20mm (vehicle traffic) and approx. 4m2 using a depth of 15/17mm (foot traffic). Doesn’t allow for uneven ground.

On all our blends, our stone ratio is 75kg of a (2-5mm) aggregate and 25kg of a (1-3mm) aggregate. 5kg binding quartz

PLEASE NOTE: All of our blends have been carefully chosen for maximum strength and a beautiful finish
Always advised to order a small percentage more than you need just in case.

Next day deliveries available. Pre-11am deliveries on request.

All subject to VAT and delivery costs.

call us on 01722 442622 with your order before midday and we will deliver the next day!