Resin & Aggregate Blends


The One Stop Resin Shop prides itself on being the Leading suppliers of Resins and Aggregates to the whole of the South of the UK. Which is why we carefully select what Resins and Aggregates are used to make up all of our beautiful blends.

All of our Resins are BBA approved and are sold in 7.5kg kits to maximise the stone to resin ratio. All our Blends consist of a 7.5kg UVR 2 part resin kit along with 75kg of 2-5mm stone and 25kg of 1-3mm accompanied with 6.25kg of C52# Sand, this makes our resin bound mixes an incredible adhesive and is UV stable.

The One Stop Resin Shop UVR BBA approved Resins are specially formulated for the use of any resin bound project and is the most refined in the UK. Our Resins have many advantages such as … ISO 9001 environment for the highest quality manufacturing standards and peace of mind, Odourless mixture, user friendly and a lot easier to clean off the tools at the end of an install, Suds compliant, made in the UK and used with our VA5 Catalyst you can control the setting time of your blend.


Coverage and Spec

Each of our mixes spreads approx. 3.5m2 using a depth of 18/20mm (vehicle traffic) and approx. 4m2 using a depth of 15/17mm (foot traffic). Doesn’t allow for uneven ground.

On all our blends, both Traditional and Contemporary, our stone ratio is 75kg of a (2-5mm) aggregate and 25kg of a (1-3mm) aggregate.

Please note: Both our Traditional and Contemporary range always use the same colour 1-3mm stone as one of the 2-5mm stone as to provide 100% consistency in our blends.
Always advised to order a small percentage more than you need just in case.

Next day deliveries available. Pre-11am deliveries on request.

All subject to VAT and delivery costs.

Your NO.1 resin bound stone supplier - All our resins are BBA approved

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