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F110 Forced Action Mixer (110 litres)

£1890.00 + VAT

(In stock and available for next day delivery)

Quality, efficiency and durability combined with a range of unique product details make the F-series the ultimate choice for the demanding, professional user.

Lots of product advantages:

  • Security switch when opening the cover
  • Positioning bolt secures the cover during use
  • Motor shield protects against dirt
  • Easy and efficient handling
  • Adjustable mixer shovels

Accessories for F110 Forced Action Mixer:

  • Rubber Shovels
  • EasyClean System
  • Dust Cover

Coverage and Spec

Each of our mixes spreads approx. 3.5m2 using a depth of 18/20mm (vehicle traffic) and approx. 4m2 using a depth of 15/17mm (foot traffic). Doesn’t allow for uneven ground.

On all our blends, both Traditional and Contemporary, our stone ratio is 75kg of a (2-5mm) aggregate and 25kg of a (1-3mm) aggregate.

Please note: Both our Traditional and Contemporary range always use the same colour 1-3mm stone as one of the 2-5mm stone as to provide 100% consistency in our blends.
Always advised to order a small percentage more than you need just in case.

Next day deliveries available. Pre-11am deliveries on request.

All subject to VAT and delivery costs.

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