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Expansion Joints

£49.99 + VAT

Our 18.5mm resin bound expansion joints are a high performing way of preventing reflective cracking in resin bound surfacing and a great attractive way to divide the surface up into sections. They protect resin bound aggregates from any movement in the sub-base.

The expansion joints act against any natural stresses in the base that may contribute to stress on the resin surface. They therefore prevent the resin bound gravel from cracking. Movement joints will safely absorb any heat-induced expansion, which is essential for larger resin bound projects. These expansion joints can be colour matched to any of our resin bound blends, creating a designer look.


Coverage and Spec

Each of our mixes spreads approx. 3.5m2 using a depth of 18/20mm (vehicle traffic) and approx. 4m2 using a depth of 15/17mm (foot traffic). Doesn’t allow for uneven ground.

On all our blends, our stone ratio is 75kg of a (2-5mm) aggregate and 25kg of a (1-3mm) aggregate.

Please note: Stone may vary slightly in shade due to being a natural product so please batch your stone accordingly.
Always advised to order a small percentage more than you need just in case.

Next day deliveries available. Pre-11am deliveries on request.

All subject to VAT and delivery costs.

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